• Date: July 15th (Fri), 2016 – 2pm open / 2:30pm start – 4:30pm end

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  • Place: Kawasaki Gender Equality Center “Scrum21″ Hall

Mizonokuchi 2-20-1, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa (Google map)

  • Entrance Fee: JPY 500

Reservation required. (admission permitted for 6 or older)
Please fill “Symposium Reservation Form” on this web site.
We may close the form when its reach the limit.

*** notice: This Symposium is in Japanese mainly but some presenters speak in English as well.

  • Presenters: Yuki Takeda, Kimiko Wakiyama, Akiko Shibata, Ryosuke, Geert Chatrou

Yuki Takeda (Whistling artist / Musician)

“The Potential of Whistling as Instrumental Music”

Kimiko Wakiyama (Whistler)


Akiko Shibata (Whistler)

“Performance using Hand-operated music-box”

Ryosuke (Whistler)

“Hikifuki with Nylon-String Guitar”

Geert Chatrou (Whistler)

“‘Q & A’s with Geert, what do you want to ask?”

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