Uploaded Schedule for WWC2020 under “Event Outline” page

We have uploaded our website with new info, under “Event Outline” page.

This is to give you an idea of time so you can make plans for your trip. If you have not yet booked your hotel room, we advise you to do so.

For participants ONLY: Please confirm your e-mail, your scoresheets for Recorded Audition have been sent.

For participants ONLY:

We have sent an e-mail to all participants with the scoresheets for Recorded Audition – WWC2020. The title is “[ScoresheetsR1]………”.
Participants of WWC2020 – Apr the 11th to 12th, We have created a mailing-list and further informations will be sent there.

If you haven’t received that, please let us know via e-mail on the “About Us” page as sooner as you can.

Thank you

Number of Participants selected for WWC2020 (Quick report)

Total: 59 (65 entries)

  • Recorded Accompaniment category: 46
    • Adult: 22
    • Teenage: 9
    • Child: 7
    • Senior: 8
  • Hikifuki category: 9
  • AlliedArts category: 10

Nationalities (total: 9)

  • Austria: 1
  • China: 3
  • India: 2
  • Italia: 1
  • Japan: 45
  • Spain: 1
  • UK: 1
  • USA: 4
  • Venezuela: 1

Divide the Junior Division into 2 divisions

This time, we’ve decided to divide the Junior Division into 2 divisions. We apologize for not mentioning these changes in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Child division: Under 13
  • Teenage division: 13 to 17

For WWC2020 participants ONLY: Please confirm e-mails from Us

For WWC2020 participants ONLY:

We have sent e-mails to participants for the Recorded Audition – WWC2020. The titles is “[Recorded Sample Cleared] …”.
If you submitted the application and you haven’t received that e-mail, please let us know by e-mail on the “About Us” page as soon as you can.

Thank you.

Quick report for Recorded Audition Entry for WWC2020

Thank you all who have entry from all over the world!!!

We have the total around 105 entries from 15 countries and regions: Australia, Austria, Canada, China, India, Israel, Italia, Japan, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA and Venezuela.