Monthly Archives: January 2018

Uploaded Schedule for WWC2018 under “Event Outline” page

We have uploaded our website with new info, under “Event Outline” page.
You can have an idea of time and make the plans for your trip planning.

We recommend to book your Hotel as sooner as possible, with the long holiday in Japan the Hotels would be full soon.

For participants ONLY: Please confirm your e-mail, your scoresheets for Recorded Audition have been sent.

For participants ONLY:

We have sent an e-mail to all participants with the scoresheets for Recorded Audition – WWC2018. The title is “[ScoresheetsR1]………”.
Participants of WWC2018 – May the 3rd to 5th, We have created a mailing-list and further informations will be sent there.

If you haven’t received that, please let us know via e-mail on the “About Us” page as sooner as you can.

Thank you