Dear Whistlers,

We are planning to hold the next Convention (WWC) in 2018.
We will be announcing the place and schedule of the Convention half year or one year before the event.

We haven’t fixed the detail of the next Convention yet however we believe there will be no major difference especially regarding the Categories and Divisions from WWC2016 style.

There is an issue in Hikifuki Category, we will require 2 pieces to perform, one Classical and one Popular. The pieces length is the same as Recorded accompaniment Category.

The World Whistlers Convention (WWC) Committee

Number of Participants for WWC2016

Total: 49 participants

  • Recorded Accompaniment category: 42
    • Adult male: 17
    • Adult female: 10
    • Junior: 8
    • Senior: 7
  • Hikifuki category: 8
  • AlliedArts category: 11

Nationalities (total: 6)

  • Australia: 1
  • India: 7
  • Japan: 36
  • Korea: 1
  • USA: 3
  • Venezuela: 1

We are almost there

We are almost there,
Please enjoy whistling and do your best.

New place for Symposium

The number of participants has exceeded from our expectation and we decided to change the room from “4th Floor multipurpose-room” to “Main Hall” on July 15th.

Sorry for this inconvenience, and thank you for your comprehension.

Best Regards,