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Due to a transition in our management structure, we are suspending the operation of the mailing list on July 2024.
We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you can continue to support us.
Information regarding tournaments and other events will be posted on our official website.

We appreciate your understanding.

WWC Committee

Thank you Everyone!

Dear all,

Thank you all to join us at WWC2024.
We really regret to not have more time to talk with each of you, however we wish that you could talk with each other and made many many whistler friends.

Right now we are still doing the remain work, but we will be translating the score sheet and send it to everyone eventually. Please be patient and wait, we wish to send it as sooner as we finished.

The World Whistlers Convention (WWC)
Senior Advisor
Ryosuke Takeuchi (Whistler)

WWC2024 Result

Hikifuki Category

  • 1st Place – Yuki Takeda 武田 裕煕, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Yusuke Matsumura 松村 祐甫, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Akane Takahashi 高橋 茜, Japan

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Adult Division

  • 1st Place – Yusuke Matsumura 松村 祐甫, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Yuki Takeda 武田 裕煕, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Masashi Ebihara 海老原 雅司, Japan

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Child Division

  • 1st Place – AOI, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Svara Menon, India
  • 3rd Place – Yunchuan Chen, China

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Teenage Division

  • 1st Place – Shungo Chiba 千葉 俊冴, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Masakaze Takamatsu 髙松 正風, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Teppei Kawamoto 川本 哲平, Japan

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Senior Division

  • 1st Place – LIU YANG ZHAO, China
  • 2nd Place – Norikatsu Bannai 坂内 憲勝, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Katsuhiro Sakai 酒井 勝弘, Japan

Allied Arts Category – Ensemble Division

  • 1st Place – Waseda University whistle club Cotolip 早稲田大学口笛サークルことリップ, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Kawasemi Tweet カワセミツイート, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Tamabue たまぶえ, Japan

Allied Arts Category – Solo Division

  • 1st Place – Kana Aoi 葵井 歌菜, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Yusuke Matsumura 松村 祐甫, Japan

Special Award

  • Ravi Srinivasan, Malaysia (Hikifuki)

Self-Graded Assessment form

We prepared a form for Self-Graded Assessment. (link)
This form is the same as the WWC judges will use, but for self-grading as you practice. Please use this form to assess yourself or have someone else check your performance.

Opening Concert Ticket 2024

Ticket Service at Seven-Eleven for the Opening Concert on May 30th now available. (P-code: 2413446 or search “WWC”)

Thank you.