Recorded audition Guidelines

(Differences from WWC2022 in Blue)

Entry for the Recorded audition

  • Please read the “Event Outline” and “General Guidelines” pages before entry.
  • To enter Recorded audition, please submit “Application Form for Recorded audition” page, provided only during “application form acceptance” period.
  • Please check carefully before submit your form.
  • If you want any correction after submit the form, please indicate in the “Other observations” field and send the form again within the deadline.
  • Multiple entries with the same name and the same email address are considered to be replacements, and last entries will be valid.

Requirements for entry

  • Your information – name and address, etc. on “Application Form for Recorded audition” page
  • Sound / movie files of recorded whistling sample: Upload your sound / movie files to online storage service (YouTube) and fill in the link (URL) on “Application Form for Recorded audition” page.
  • Portrait photo (Max 100KB)

Sound / movie files

  • Only LIVE performance and NO-EDIT sound/movie file is accepted. (except Recorded accompaniment – Karaoke – for Allied Arts and Recorded accompaniment category)
  • For Recorded accompaniment Category, Record yourself whistling both Classical AND Popular songs. Entry with only classical or popular perform are NOT accepted. You should use YouTube (ONLY sound, NO visual) to upload, otherwise use Dropbox when you can’t use YouTube. The file format should be mp3 or m4a.
  • To enter Hikifuki, submit one movie file each – Classical AND Popular song. Entry with only classical or popular perform are NOT accepted. You should use to upload YouTube (NOT ONLY sound, INCLUDE visual). Only you can use to upload using Dropbox when you can’t use YouTube. The file format should be mp4 or m4v or mov.
  • To enter Allied Arts, submit a movie file. The format of file should be mp4 or m4v or mov or using YouTube.
  • Classical: 2 – 5 minutes; Popular and Allied Arts: 2 – 4 minutes each. Overtime will be ignored in the scoring.
  • It is not necessary to record narration (speaking) such as your name or song name.
  • Movie should be exactly the same members and performance as the Final as much as you can.
  • If you use Dropbox, the limit of a sound file is Max 20 MB for each songs and movie file Max 200 MB.
  • Use the minimum necessary video format.
  • Keep your sound and movie files on online storage service until receiving the result of the Recorded audition. It can be deleted after that.
  • Be careful with your recording quality, especially under / over level and blow noise.
  • Recommend to use “Low-cut” filter and low noise environment for recording.
  • If intro, bridge and outro part is too long, or stop at the middle of song (no-ending), the point will be deducted.
  • Please refer to “General Guideline” page for other details.
  • If Sound / movie files doesn’t follow the Guidelines, we require to re-submit or the point will be deducted.

Online Storage Service

  • You should use ONLY YouTube to upload your sound / movie files.
  • If you can’t use “YouTube”, you can use “Dropbox”.
  • Don’t use “Google Drive”. We had troubles accessing link using by “Google Drive”.
  • If you use “Dropbox”, please refer to “How to upload your files to Dropbox” section.
  • You can use YouTube as well for Recorded accompaniment, Hikifuki and Allied Arts Category, recommend to use “Unlisted” mode.
  • We cannot provide support on how to use online storage service

Recorded audition Fee

  • Recorded audition fee is 3,000 yen (under 18 years old as of June 2nd 2024, 1,500 yen).
  • Pay the fee via PayPal or Bank deposit (domestic only in Japan) by the fixed date that will be provided after entry.
  • We will not be able to return your fee if you cancel your entry.
  • After your entry is received, you will receive further details by email.
  • If you success for the Recorded audition, you should pay for participation of First, Second, and Final Round on October 2022. Please refer to “General Guideline” page for the details.

Other Notes

  • Early birds who entry AND pay the audition, get privilege to choose the performance order (zone).
  • We will send you the results after the Recorded audition. We will not be able to provide any information other than results.
  • Your personal information will not be used outside this event and to provide information for our future events (if you wish to receive it).

(Reference) How to upload your files to Dropbox:

    1. Make your account for Dropbox (
    2. Upload your sound or movie file via browser.
    3. Select uploaded file and click “Share” button then copy the link (URL)
    4. Paste into application form on this site.
  • We can not provide support for this service.

(Sep 1st,2023 updated)