First, Second, and Final Round Guideline

(updated on Mar 1st 2024)

(Differences from WWC2022 in Blue)

To make Accompaniment CD

  • You should prepare two accompaniment CDs, those should be completely the same, one for main, one for sub.
  • Please pay attention for sound level and quality when you make your accompaniment CD.
  • Don’t divide in tracks (data) on your performance, meaning if the song is made by a series of pieces. (ex. you play 1st movement and 2nd movement continuously. If so, you should make one track (data) for 1st and 2nd movements on your accompaniment CD.)
  • Please keep 2 seconds (or more) silent part before and after your recording section.
  • Sound operator only starts at the beginning and stops at the end of performance, He/She can’t start, stop nor restart at the middle of performance.
  • Only Music-CD format will be allowed to use as accompaniment. Data-CD, DVD, Cassette-tape, MD nor MP3 player are not allowed.
  • We strongly recommend to use CD-R media. Please do NOT use CD-RW to avoid trouble while playing.
  • Write your name and entry number and main/sub using felt-pen on the CDs.
  • To make accompaniment CD for Recorded accompaniment category, you should make only 2 tracks in the CD, track one for Classical and track two for Popular piece.
  • We strongly recommend to double check by playing on CD player, not only on PCs.
  • Please note that if your accompaniment CD cannot be played due to problems with the CD or data format, we will not be able to handle it.
  • If we have a read error on your CDs and can’t play your accompaniment, you can perform without accompaniment (points deducted for acapella) or drop out.

Submission of accompaniment CD and pick it up after your performance

  • Do not send your accompaniment sound file(s) in advance, pre-sending is not required.
  • We will be sending the “Performance Form” by e-mail, so please fill them up and bring with you. The staff will collect your accompaniment CDs with the form at the Entry Orientation in the morning.
  • After your performance, the staff will return your accompaniment CDs. Please don’t forget to pick them up.
  • If you were classified for the Final of adult division, you must fill out another “Performance Form” for the final and handle it to the staff.

Performance time

  • The interval between Classical and Popular performance is not included on your performance time.

Volume Balance

  • We will not have rehearsal. If you fell any problem for volume balance during your performance, you can inform to the sound operator by making gesture.

Microphone, Mic-stand

  • The Microphone model is Shure SM58 with mic-stand without wind-screen.


  • If you want to use music-stand, please inform us in advance.


  • We don’t have any particular dress-code but we expect to be suitable choice for your performance.
  • There is no time to change clothes between classical and popular performance.


  • It is not allowed to whistle in corridor (or hallway), outside hall, back stage nor lobby.

Performance order

  • The performance order will be announced later.
  • You should come at the back stage until finishing performance of the SECOND advance contestant.
  • In the Final of Hikifuki and Second / Final Round of adult division of recorded accompaniment category, the order may be random. The result and the order of the Next Round will be posted at the lobby after the announcement.
  • The order of genre is Classical first and then Popular.


  • To sign to the sound (CD) operator that you have finished, get away the microphone from your face and step-back when you finish your performance.
  • We are going to take photo with all participants at the stage after the Award Ceremony, please be around at the time.