• Date: May 30th (Thu), 2024 – 2 pm open / 2:30 pm start – 4:30 pm end

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  • Place: Kawasaki Gender Equality Center “Scrum21″ Hall (850 seats)

Mizonokuchi 2-20-1, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa (Google map)

  • Entrance Fee: JPY 1,000

*** notice: This Symposium is in Japanese mainly but some presenters speak in English as well.

  • Presenters: Romu Aoyagi, Carole Anne Kaufman, Mikio Mori, Kimiko Wakiyama, Ryosuke

Romu Aoyagi (whistler)

Profile: Romu is an artist and educator who studies the musical whistling.
He was graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. While in school, he studied music production, music education, and vocal music.
He possesses a rich musicality cultivated through his wide range of musical experiences, including violin, horn, and voice, as well as high level techniques.

In 2014, he debuted as a professional whistling player after winning the first prize at the 41st International Whistlers Convention.
In 2023, he collaborated with former Japan national team member Tatsuru Machida on the first work of the Etude Project for Figure Skating.

In addition to solo performances, he is active in groups such as “AOI,” a unique unit consisting of whistling, Tsugaru shamisen, and piano, and “Peter Piper,” an instrumental whistling band.
He studied violin with Kayoko Adachi, composition with Tatsuhiko Nishioka, and voice with Ryo Sakurada, Yoshiki Kobayashi, and Makiko Yamashita.

To improve performance expression

(to be decided)

Carole Anne Kaufman (whistler)

Profile: Carole Anne Kaufman is the Whistling Diva. A two-time Whistling Grand Champion, IWC Entertainer of the Year Award winner, and producer of the Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival and Competition. .lPresident of a nonprofit, CREATIVE BEING, which promotes artistic self-expression. Carole’s Master’s Thesis about whistling, “Heresy to Artistry,” is available for free online.

Become a world-class performer

She will discuss and demonstrate techniques to improve your performance. Breathing, eye contact, movement, and more will be presented to help you become a world-class performer.

Mikio Mori (Dr. Eng.)

Profile: He worked as an engineer at the Japan Defense Agency (Technical Research and Development Institute) from 1997 to 1999. He is currently an associate professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui, Japan. He has conducted studies on information processing in the fields of speech, acoustics, and music (Dr. Eng.). Membership: The Acoustical Society of Japan (ASJ), Japan Association for Research in Singing (JARS), and Japan Society of Kansei Engineering (JSKE).

Science of Human Whistling ―Consideration of the principle of sound production in human whistling using a vocal tract model―

We configured a vocal tract model using computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data of the vocal tract during whistling. In this vocal tract model, the fundamental frequency was changed by overblowing, and these frequencies corresponded to the resonance frequency (formant frequency) of the vocal tract. We discussed the question regarding the volume of whistling clarified in the experiment and expanding the range of whistling, along with the principles of warbling and multiphonic whistling.

Kimiko Wakiyama (whistler)

Profile: Born in Fukuoka, Japan.
While in Music College, started the performance activity with original style ”Hikifuki” e.g. whistle while play the piano.
In 2007, Kimiko Wakiyama won the women’s grand championship at International Whistlers Convention (IWC) in North Carolina first among Japanese. In 2009, she won the Entertainer of the year. In 2014, she worked as a judge at Convention in Japan (IWC). She released a CD ”Whistling Paradise” from a major record company. Having whistling classes, releases the whistling tutorial book. Without being bound by the general image of whistling, she is thriving with performance on TV, Radio, Live, Recording and Composing. Considered one of the pioneer of the whistler in Japan. Love birds, and wanted to whistle like a bird.

Hikifuki (Beginner class)

(to be decided)

Ryosuke (whistler)

Profile: Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Ryosuke has been featured on radio as well as on TV and he likes to perform many different kinds of music, such as Popular, Jazz, Brazilian music and Classical while always trying to find new possibilities for the art of whistling.
In 2012 he released his CD “Baroque Whistling – Ballet Des Champs-Élysées -”.
In 2013 he won 2nd place in the Allied Arts category at the 40th International Whistlers Convention in the US.
In 2015 he received the Special “Allen deHart Award” for Whistling Artist of the Year and for Expanding the Awareness, Enjoyment and Respect of Musical Whistling as a Fine Art. He won 2nd place for “Hikifuki” (self-accompaniment) Division at The Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival in the US.
In 2016 he released his 2nd CD “WHISTLING FROM THE HEART”.
In 2017 he won 3rd place for Pre-recorded Accompaniment Division (Classical) at The Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival in the US.

Hikifuki (Intermediate class)
        • He will discuss some issues that you may experience after you have started Hikifuki.
        • What can you do about song selection?
        • How can you arrange song?
        • What is a good way to practice?