Self-Graded Assessment

    * This form is the same as the WWC judges will use, but for self-grading as you practice. Please use this form to assess yourself or have someone else check your performance. (The result is not saved)

    Minus checkpoints (TECHNIQUE)

    (Minus 1...5 points each)
    Pitch (include at the beginning of phrase, miss-tone…)
    Precise (miss-tone, rough, rhythm lag…) (include live accompaniment)
    Tone quality (e.g. husky, unstable, throat/warbling noise...)
    Breath control (e.g. incorrect breath position, breath noise…)
    Microphone (too far, mis adjustment of mic direction or height, brow noise…)

    Minus checkpoints (TECHNIQUE) TOTAL

    Minus checkpoints (PRESENTATION)

    (Minus 1...5 points each)
    Dynamics (too flat, inappropriate using of piano and forte…)
    Vibrato, Portamento (incorrect use)
    Rhythm, Phonetic value
    Arrangement (e.g. lengthy, too easy piece, inappropriate range…)

    Minus checkpoints (PRESENTATION) TOTAL

    Plus checkpoints

    (Plus 1...5 points each)
    Precise, Carefully (accurate & appropriate pitch, meticulousness)
    High-level technic (e.g. very fast, difficult piece precisely and with high musically…)
    Beautiful / attractive tone
    Excellent expression / arrangement
    Moved deeply
    Originality (Originality performances, creative arrangements)
    New possibility (new possibility, innovative, challenge)

    Plus checkpoints TOTAL

    Minus checkpoints (OVERALL)

    (Minus 5...20 points)
    Time over or shortage
    Improper accompaniment 1 (include the same melody as whistling for more than around half of the piece…)
    Improper accompaniment 2 (include whistling or vocal)
    A cappella (for more than half of the piece, except Allied Arts)
    Using finger (except Allied Arts)
    Non-simultaneous play (The instrument and the whistling is not performed simultaneously and done alternatively) (apply for Hikifuki category)
    Duplicate pieces (between 2nd and Final Round for Recorded Accompaniment category Adult division) or (between 1st and Final Round for Hikifuki category) or (The same piece that you performed in the same category in the past WWC) (points deducted) (Except Recorded audition)
    Inappropriate genre (e.g. popular arrangement in classical genre…)
    Disqualification (e.g. using tuner device for whistling on stage or using automatic instrument in Hikifuki category)

    Minus checkpoints (OVERALL) TOTAL

    Total point

    • Over 20 : Excellent !!! (Are you sure? 😉 )
      20 ... 6 : Very nice !!
      5 ... -5 : Good !
      -6 ... -15 : Need more effort.
      Under -15 : Please check Guidelines.