Official goods “Tote bag”

今回はWWCとして初めて「大会公式ノベルティグッズ」を作りました。(制作:Atelier クレマチス



Updated “Event Outline” page

Updated “Event Outline” page.

Exhibition performer of WWC2022 will be Atsushi Tadokoro (WWC 2016 Recorded Accompaniment Category – Adult Male Division 1st Place –) .

Celebrating The World Whistling Day on Sep 3rd !

Dear Whistlers,

– Celebrating World Whistling Day on September 3rd !


On September 3rd, we hope that you will observe this auspicious occasion with us by whistling a song for yourself and others as an homage to the relevance, accessibility, and beauty of this powerful instrument of communication.
If you have any whistling videos, please don’t hesitate to share!!!

Decided to continue its effort to realize the WWC2022

Dear All,

Our committee decided to continue its effort to realize the WWC2022.
However there are 2 issues that may result in the cancellation of the WWC2022.

1) There are strict restrictions for activities and travel within Japan.
2) Visitors from overseas are currently not permitted entry to Japan.

Notes: 2) is different from the normal tourist VISA. It is the Japanese government’s decision for COVID. So, we’re sorry we can’t do anything to help at this time.

Right now, the first issue may be resolved soon but the second issue is still unresolved.
It is difficult to predict, but there are three possible outcomes:

A) Best case: there is a sharp decrease in the COVID numbers in Japan and both issues are resolved.
B) Same as now: travel within Japan is allowed, but overseas visitors are not allowed.
C) Worst case: both issues are still present at the time of the convention.

Our decision is that in regards to holding the WWC2022, we will consider cancellation only in the event of the worst case, meaning case C.

Unfortunately, we can’t help with any travel or accommodation expenses even in the event that you are unable to attend the convention. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your patience.
Best Regards,

The World Whistlers Convention (WWC)

Ryosuke Takeuchi (Whistler)

Decision to have or not WWC2022 in several days

Dear All,

In the past few weeks, the COVID numbers in Japan have skyrocketed.
Right now, most of visitors from overseas are not permitted entry to Japan. We are hoping that the numbers will decline suddenly and Japan can be more open to visitors from overseas.

So, our committee is forced to decide whether or not to hold the WWC2022.

Please hold your plans until we make the announcement.

Thank you for your patient.
Best Regards,
The World Whistlers Convention (WWC)

Ryosuke Takeuchi (Whistler)