The date and place for WWC2024

We are happy to announce the date for The 46th World Whistlers Convention in 2024 (WWC2024).

May 30th (Thu) to June 2nd (Sun), 2024
Scrum 21 Hall (850seats), Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

Details will be uploaded on this website.

WWC Producer & Director
Ryosuke Takeuchi (Whistler)

Planning for WWC2024

We are planning for the next World Whistlers Convention in 2024 (WWC2024) as below.

The convention:

  • Date: TBD (spring to early summer or fall in 2024)
  • Place: TBD (around Tokyo, Japan)

We don’t have plans to make a major change for Categories and Judging Guidelines.
Once the date is decided, it will be posted on this website about 6 to 12 months before the convention.

Thank you for your understanding.

WWC2022 Result

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Adult Division

  • 1st Place – Yuji Kogure 小暮 裕司, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Yuki Takeda 武田 裕煕, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Masashi Ebihara 海老原 雅司, Japan
  • 4th Place – Masato Kawasaki 川崎 雅人, Japan
  • 5th Place – Toru Kusanagi 草薙 透, Japan

Hikifuki Category

  • 1st Place – Takumi Gima 儀間 太久実, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Yuki Takeda 武田 裕煕, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Akane Takahashi 高橋 茜, Japan

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Child Division

  • 1st Place – Teppei Kawamoto 川本 哲平, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Shungo Chiba 千葉 俊冴, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Yuito Ishino 石野 維人, Japan

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Teenage Division

  • 1st Place – Shin, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Joshua Yang, USA
  • 3rd Place – Masakaze Takamatsu 高松 正風, Japan

Recorded Accompaniment Category – Senior Division

  • 1st Place – Yoko Abe 阿部 洋子, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Seiichi Kuraki 倉木 成伊知, Japan
  • 3rd Place – Tadao Kono 河野 忠夫, Japan

Allied Arts Category

  • 1st Place – Takumi Gima 儀間 太久実, Japan
  • 2nd Place – Yuki Takeda 武田 裕煕, Japan
  • 3rd Place – EX-F, Japan

Special Award

  • Sachiko Ando 安藤 幸子 (Hikifuki)

Official goods “Tote bag”

今回はWWCとして初めて「大会公式ノベルティグッズ」を作りました。(制作:Atelier クレマチス



Updated “Event Outline” page

Updated “Event Outline” page.

Exhibition performer of WWC2022 will be Atsushi Tadokoro (WWC 2016 Recorded Accompaniment Category – Adult Male Division 1st Place –) .

Celebrating The World Whistling Day on Sep 3rd !

Dear Whistlers,

– Celebrating World Whistling Day on September 3rd !


On September 3rd, we hope that you will observe this auspicious occasion with us by whistling a song for yourself and others as an homage to the relevance, accessibility, and beauty of this powerful instrument of communication.
If you have any whistling videos, please don’t hesitate to share!!!