After discussion with the judges, we have made the following changes to the criteria for the Allied Arts category. (Blue)

The distinction between Solo and Ensemble divisions will be based on the number of whistlers instead of the total number of performers.
As a result, the number of participants will be 5 in the Solo division and 7 in the Ensemble division, but there will be no change in pass/fail status.

From the overall guidelines:

  • This category has “Solo” and “Ensemble” (two or more whistlers) divisions.
  • Performance with one or more non-whistle performer(s), if there is only one whistler, it will be in the Solo division.

Additionally, if there are more than two participants in the Solo division, there will be a slight addition to the participation fee.

We apologize for the change in standards after the Recorded audition.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Last Modified: March 4, 2024