* This article describes the differences between WWC2016 and WWC2018.
* This is not final version – we will continue to update. Please check our future announcement here.
* Refer the other issues on the previous guideline stated in WWC2016 for now.


  • Recorded accompaniment (Classical and Popular)
  • Hikifuki (Classical and Popular) *** CHANGED ***
  • Allied Arts

In Hikifuki Category, we will require 2 pieces to perform, one Classical and one Popular. The accompaniment for classical can be adapted to the instrument and be different from the original score. The pieces length limit is the same as Recorded accompaniment Category. Entry with only popular perform are also accepted at this WWC. The overall ranking will be calculated from the total points from classical and popular. In that case, it will be significantly disadvantageous. The rank will be informed by e-mail after the event. Hikifuki category has only Recorded audition and Final Competition, no Primary Selection. (The same as previous WWC)

Divisions of Recorded accompaniment Category

  • Junior (under 18)
  • Senior (65 and older)
  • Adult (18 and older) *** CHANGED ***

By looking at the previous WWC results, we realized that there is no major gap between male/female contestants (level wise). Our decision is not separate male/female in Adult division of Recorded accompaniment category, and give 1st to 6th prize in that division at this WWC.

Submission of recorded accompaniment (Karaoke music file) in advance

  • Only for Recorded accompaniment category and when using recorded accompaniment in the Allied Arts category, Contestants should submit recorded accompaniment (Karaoke music files) for the Primary selection and the final by one month before the event. (Via storage service)
  • In addition, if you strongly want to change the song, it is possible to replace in the morning of the event. (CD or CD-R)

Other issues

  • The piece that you performed in the past WWC can NOT be selected in the same category. (points deducted) (Except Recorded audition)
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Last Modified: July 17, 2017