* This article describes the differences between WWC2018 and WWC2020.
* This is not the final version – we will continue to update. Please check future announcement here.
* Please refer to other issues on previous guidelines stated in WWC2018 for now.

Sound/Movie file for the Recorded audition

  • Only LIVE performance and NO-EDIT sound/movie file is accepted. (except Recorded accompaniment – Karaoke – for Allied arts and Recorded accompaniment category)
  • For Hikifuki category, you should submit Classical AND Popular songs.
  • If the Sound/Video file doesn’t follow the guidelines, you may have to re-submit or point will be deducted.

Recorded audition for Allied Arts category

For Allied Arts category contestants we will choose from successful candidates of Recorded accompaniment or Hikifuki category in principle. Except in the following cases:

  • You enter only for Allied Arts category.
  • When you submitted the entry form, you checked “I wish to participate only for Allied Arts category even if I fail the audition for Recorded accompaniment and Hikifuki category.”

Judging Guidelines

  • We believe there will be no major differences on the guidelines. However Please check our future announcements for Judging Guidelines for minor changes.
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Last Modified: July 2, 2019