* This article describes the differences between WWC2020 and WWC2022.
* This is not the final version – we will continue to update. Please check for future announcement here.
* For now please refer to other issues to the WWC2020 guidelines for any other issues.

“New round system” for the Recorded Accompaniment category Adult division

  • The “Recorded Accompaniment category Adult division” will have three rounds: First Round, Second Round, and Final Round.
  • Those who ranked highly in the Recorded Audition will perform from the Second Round.
  • Those who ranked in the middle of the Recorded Audition will perform in the First Round. Those who rank highly in the First Round will move to the Second Round.
  • First Round contestants have to perform one song (Classical OR Popular). (2 – 5 minutes)
  • Contestants may choose to use the same or different song from their Recorded Audition in the First, Second, or Final Round. However, the song used in the Second Round cannot be used in the Final Round.

Judging Guidelines

  • We believe there will be no major differences on the guidelines. However Please check future announcements about Judging Guidelines for minor changes.
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Last Modified: March 22, 2022