* This article describes the differences between WWC2022 and WWC2024.
* This is not the final version – we will continue to update. Please check for future announcement here.
* For now please refer to other issues to the WWC2022 guidelines for any other issues.


  • Add “Contestants Gathering”.
  • Add “First Round for Hikifuki Category”. (You should prepare two pieces for Classical, two for Popular – a total of 4 pieces.)
  • “Senior Division of Recorded Accompaniment Category” will be moved to the last day.

Category, Divisions and Awards

  • “Allied Arts Category” is divided two divisions, such as “Solo division” and “Ensemble division” (2 or more performers). These divisions have First Place and Second prizes each.
  • “Ensemble division of Allied Arts Category” needs extra participant fee for number of performers.
  • If you entry “Ensemble division of Allied Arts Category”, you can NOT entry any other Solo division or category with the same entry form. If you want to entry other Solo division or category as well, you should use a new entry form.
  • “Adult division of the Recorded Accompaniment Category” has a First Place to 3rd place.

Entry for Recorded audition

  • Those who submitted the Entry for Recorded audition early will be given priority to select the order of appearance (first, first-middle, middle, second-middle, last) of the convention.
  • No Google Drive. Only YouTube is accepted. (Because there are many troubles. Dropbox is also possible only when YouTube cannot be used)
  • If the payment of the Recorded audition fee and participation fee cannot be confirmed by the deadline, it will be disqualified.

Judging Guidelines

  • Hikifuki’s accompaniment mistakes will be deducted more strictly than previous convention.
  • The difficulty of Hikifuki accompaniment is not so important.
  • We believe there will be no major differences on the guidelines. However Please check for future announcements about Judging Guidelines for minor changes.
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Last Modified: June 30, 2023